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Pack 1353, Lake Ridge, VA.

Character Counts

Adventure Begins with Scouting

The Cub Scout colors are blue and gold. They have special meaning, which will help boys see beyond the fun of Cub Scouting to its ultimate goals.

The blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above.

The gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.
Proud Member of Brothers In Scouting


Picture a Pinewood Derby, only not a "ramped" track and not a Pinewood Derby car! Throw in a cardboard box, Scout power and imagination, a pit crew and lot's of fun and you end up with the Indy Cub 500!

**What You Will Need At The Race**
  • Shoes with laces (important for the pitstop)

  • Socks

  • Goggles or Sunglasses

  • Indy Cub Car (made out of a cardboard box)



    **Rules of the Race**

    1) The scout with the help of his parent(s) will     constrcut a "car" out of a cardboard box(es).
        The car needs to be big enough for the Scout     to fit in.

    2) Once the race begins, the Scouts will run one     lap then make a pit-stop. The pit-stop
        will consist of the following:

  • Clean the windsheild (glasses or goggles)

  • Change the tires (un-tie & remove shoes, turn socks inside out, then replace &
       re-tie shoes).

  • Refuel (Driver (Scout) drinks 4oz. of water through a straw)

  • The pit-stop is then finished and the driver returns to the race.

  • 3) The Pit-Stop should consist of at least one Pit Crew member but no more than two
        members. The Pit-Crew can be friends or family!

    4) The first Scout across the finish line after completing his pit-stop is the winner!

    **Construction of the car**
          (what you will need)

  • Cardboard box(es), any size, any shape -

  •     (You can get these from just about any local grocery store)
  • Primer (for best painting results)

  • Paint (spray cans work best)


  • **Decorating Tips**

    Parent(s) will need to supervise with the cutting and the painting of the box, but the scouts can do the rest!

    **Painting Tip**
    Since cardboard tends to soak up the paint, it may be in your best interest to prime the box before painting!

    Good Sportsmanship is EXPECTED from all Scouts and Spectators!

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